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    There is nothing more real than a perfect small town in a fantasy game. It takes a lot of time to create such a town so why name it as an ordinary town? Start looking for cool and beautiful town names through Town Name Generator. It can give you so many of those Disney town names and the real ones that could go right with your fantasy game.

    Every year, construction companies are launching new housing projects with cool names. Finding the right name could be challenging, but you can create town names through this Town Name Generator. You can choose the real or fictional names like the following

    • Brooklyn, a town in New York City is home to so many people.
    • Chelsea, a famous posh town in London where people have lavish residents.
    • Riverdale, a popular town from a TV show where interesting things happen.
    • Reine, a very beautiful small town in Norway is worth visiting.

    Don’t like the town names in the first go? Try again and keep on clicking until you find the perfect name for your perfect small town. There are plenty of town names in our database and one of those perfect names is definitely here for you.