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Generated Lake Names:

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    Are you looking for some fancy lake’s names for your fantasy game? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This Lake name generator can give you so many of those fancy lake names that are going to fit right in your game.

    The world is full of lakes and their pretty names. There are more than 117 million lakes on this mighty earth with different names and different views.

    Among the prettiest lakes, we have 

    • Crater Lake, Oregon, that has a peculiar deep blue water,
    • Lake Tahoe in California, that is a treat for your eyes with turquoise clear waters
    • Then there is a calm and serene Inle Lake in Myanmar
    • World-famous picturesque Lake Louise in Canada

    Lastly, did we forget to mention the Plitvice Lake in Croatia with 16 pristine waterfalls?

    Most of these lake’s pretty names are derived from the lake’s own characteristics, while some are named after their beauty. If you need lake names in your perfect fantasy world then fill out these dashes and click generate. Our database has thousands of lake names that can be randomized to give you perfect names for your aquatic basins. 

    Let it be the real lake names or random generic lake names, just keep on generating new names unless you find the perfect name.