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    Have you developed a fantasy game that is filled with scary forest graphics, but you can’t get a perfect name for the scary forest? If yes, then you have come to the right place. You can generate thousands of forest names through this Forest Name Generator.

    The forests are beautiful, and they contribute so much to sustain on planet earth. But not all forests are beautiful. There are some creepy and mysterious forests that are really scary.

    • The Black forest in Germany is one of those scary and mysterious forests. There are all types of horror fairytales and horror legends associated with this forest.
    • Rata Forest in New Zealand is another example of those magical forests where there are different colors on the ground. Apparently, it is home to rata gnarled tree branches and trunks.
    • The Crooked Forest in Poland has curved pine trees which remain a mystery for everyone to this day
    • Goblin Forest in New Zealand is probably the scariest of all because the trees are all shaped like ghosts coming to get you.

    Our database has thousands of forest names that can be randomized to give you perfect names for your forest location. There are real and scary forest names to choose from.