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    Currently most of the YouTube users are from USA, according to the studies it is forecasted that by 2025 half number of TV users who are under 32 will switch to YouTube and they will no longer pay for TV service, ahh this is good news if you are going to make your YouTube channel.

    YouTube is the Biggest Video Sharing Website

    YouTube is the biggest video sharing website with millions of users from around the world and third most visited website in the world. According to the stats from fortune lords, in every single minute around 300 plus minutes of videos are being uploaded on the YouTube. If we talk about its visitors per day, then it gets around 30 million visitors per day which is really a big in numbers.

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    Roughly it is estimated that 20% of the people who start your video will leave after the first 10 seconds. So how you can retain them on your channel video, the simplest answer is to make an interesting intro.  Your channel name, quality of videos, and branding of your channels make a huge impact in your videos retention rate. Youtube channel name creator makes the whole process much easy for you in making your channel a brand. Try to select a name which really communicates about the stuff you are going to upload and share with your audience.

    It is quite simple to generate cool YouTube names with Name Generatoroid, write your YouTube channel topic, niche, things you like and important keywords, phrases to your channel and then click generate YouTube names. Once you are done with the above step you will have a list of cool channel names so pick one which you think is the best. YouTube name generator makes the whole process simple and less hectic and you will get ton of cool user name ideas for your next channel.


    Let’s Generate YouTube Names In Minutes

    Generate tons of YouTube channel name ideas with Name Genertoriod with just a one click. Youtube name generator will help you to find a good and catchy YouTube name in just a few seconds with minimal effort.

    If you are really interested to convert your channel into big brand then you need to be serious while choosing YouTube username for your channel. A catchy, creative and cool name is always a good option for the vlogger but it must give a glimpse of your channel’s topic, niche or video your share.